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Welcome to Miami Valley Smiles, our new dental practice in Mason, OH. Dr. Lance is a highly skilled, experienced, and passionate dentist creating a joyful, happy practice while upholding his high standards of care. We’re looking for kind-hearted and skilled professionals who want to join and grow with our team. Team members will be committed to:

  • be true to character
  • be the best at what you do
  • be fun to work with
  • be organized, follow through, and pay attention to detail
  • be self-motivated to work, learn, and grow
  • doing the right thing – ALL the time
  • building and nurturing meaningful relationships

With you on Dr. Lance’s Miami Valley Smiles team, you just may change the world!

What We Do

At Miami Valley Smiles, we provide the most complete care possible. Our motto is “anything and everything for the team” – and our patients are part of the team! Our whole purpose is:

  • to positively impact as many people as possible in the biggest ways possible
  • to help others significantly improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health through community involvement with, charity work for, and sponsorship of groups focused on positive outcomes for youth

Our Story

Ever since he was a teenager, Dr. Phillip Lance knew that God had something big planned for him. While he waited for God’s plan to make itself clear to him, he played college soccer and received his undergraduate education at Rio Grande University, where he met his wife, Lindsay. While serving in the Army and living in different parts of the US and Italy, he and Lindsay welcomed Allison, Jackson, Amelia, and James to their family, and felt that being a great husband and father was the greatest calling in life he could imagine.

As he graduated from dental school at Ohio State University, he noticed many other people struggling and hurting, and knew that he needed to do more and extend his positive reach beyond his immediate family. He is excited about his journey, which he feels is just beginning as his dental practice begins. His journey has two main goals:

  1. Always be his best and encourage everyone he meets to do the same; and
  2. Teach young people better principles to assist them in finding their own strong core values by focusing in on what really matters to him: building meaningful relationships and constantly doing the right thing.

How We Do It

We work with intention and excited compassion. We are the friendliest, most fun dental practice around – period! We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of others in a fun, supportive work environment.

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    Dr. Lance’s Core Values


    • Responding to the suffering of others with a desire to help and be at your best
    • Be of service to others by recognizing and responding to their specific needs


    • Is a choice – choose day by day and minute by minute to BE and ACT happy
    • Create an environment that promotes joy, fun and inspiration without losing compassion


    • Always doing the right thing morally for everyone involved


    • Being transparent and forthcoming with information


    • Always willing to give his all to maximize time and work quickly and diligently
    • Wasting time is stealing from himself and his team


    • Protecting morale by only speaking positively and using constructive criticism
    • Acting as advocate for the team, patients, and others


    • Seeking to listen and understand first, speak and respond second


    • Using lessons from every person and situation for continuous self-improvement


    • Seeking self-improvement through training and education while understanding and accepting that perfection is not possible


    • Understanding no one is perfect and all healthy relationships have a give-and-take aspect; refusing to take more than is given


    • Knowing there is enough of everything in this world
    • Looking for opportunities to expand God’s reach in his life
    • Committing to unlimited growth

    Available Positions

    See our list of current openings below.

    Front Desk Office Assistant

    Dental Assistant

    Additional Positions Opening Soon!


    We’d love to show you why our care is something to smile about.


    We know scheduling dental appointments can be difficult so we want to make it as easy as possible for you and your family get the care you deserve.


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    Monday 9:00am - 7:00pm
    Tuesday 8:00am - 5:00pm
    Wednesday 8:00am - 5:00pm
    Thursday 9:30am - 5:00pm
    Friday 8:00am - 2:00pm
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